Footbag is the name of the game that is known all over the world – from China through the USA to Europe. In interwar Poland, it was known as ‘zośka’, it consisted of bouncing with your feet in a circle composed of several people with a small bag or ball of lead with shuttlecocks made of yarn. As an official sport, footbag developed in the USA, from where it reached Europe in 1995.

There are currently two main competitive footbag disciplines:

  • Footbag Net – playing through the net with a small, hard ball – netbag. You can play only with your feet and the netbag cannot fall to the ground, which makes it quite a technical sport – professionally rich in spectacular attacks and blocks;
  • Footbag Freestyle – juggling soft footbag with your legs and performing a variety of tricks, where the technique, level of difficulty and the style of their execution count.
  • and more street disciplines:

  • Footbag Golf – a sport where precise kicking to the target with various footbags counts, and the winner is the player with the fewest kicks;
  • 2 Squares – a classic game for points played on two squares, where you score a point after hitting a bag into the opponent’s field.