Here you have map with competition & afterparty spots. If there will be good weather we’ll play outside in popular sports park (JORDAN) on tartan surface in shade of trees. In case of bad weather – we’ll play in a sport hall (Wisla Krakow New Hall).

Important note about accomodation – we did some research near JORDAN Park and marked it on the map. You can also rent rooms/apartments in Old Kazimierz District – very known of hundreds of bars and restaurants and its UNESCO heritage. Best way to do it is just or airbnb (Krakow is hardcore touristic city, so you have plenty of options). You can easily move between spots with electric scooters (Bolt is supercheap) as they are very popular in Krakow.

BC24 – Bożego Ciała 24 – Bożego Ciała 24 st., Kraków – Welcome & Early Registration Spot

Since the beginning many people called BC24 „place”, not only „shop”. With many concerts, exhibitions and sport events – 140m2 is full of urban culture connected with urban and extreme sports, sneakers collectors, streetwear designers, graffiti, street art and comic book artists and of course music – day by day you can meet here producers and DJ’s connected with turntablism movement. You can also buy here good vinyls and taste delicious and cheap espresso coffee. And of course this is official MANIAC spot!

PARK JORDANA – 3 Maja 11 st., Kraków – Official Outside Competition Spot

Biggest sport park in Krakow with many citizens. There are plenty sport spots like basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, fit park, boule court, climbing wall, skate park, sledge hill, cafes and more…

WISLA KRAKOW NEW HALL – Reymonta 22 st., Kraków – Official Inside Competition Spot

Wisla Krakow is well known sport polish club and we booked training hall where, if weather will be rainy, we have space for all footbag disciplines.

KOPIEC KRAKA (The Krakus Mound) – Kraków

The Krakus Mound is the oldest one in Krakow, and the largest prehistoric mound in Poland. The age and the original purpose of the mound remain a mystery, although religious and memorial purposes have been ascribed to the mounds. Official story says that it’s resting place of Kraków’s mythical founder, the legendary King Krak. Similar to other ancient structures, such as Stonehenge, the Krakus Mound may have been constructed with astronomy in mind. If one stands on the Krakus Mound and looks towards Wanda Mound at sunrise on the morning of Beltane, the second-largest Celtic feast day, one will see the sun rise directly over Wanda Mound. This is great place to be and even better to play Open Golf competition:)

Forum Przestrzenie – Konopnickiej 28 st., Kraków

Known and loved by locals and tourists great place to chill and party

Bill Hickman – Józefa 11 st., Kraków

Official MANIAC funk & reggae bar in heart of Old Kazimierz District:) Strictly for % lovers. Also place for freestyle jam and friendly 2 squares / mini net on the street:)

HEVRE – Beera Meiselsa 18 st., Kraków

HEVRE is located in former old jewish prayer house and combines several spaces – a cafe, restaurant, bar, music club with 3 levels and a place of creative work. Unconventional events are hosted here – the sounds of music resound, knowledge is shared by specialists from various fields, ideas for personal development and social activity are presented by animators and trainers, artists and people representing the cultural environment encourage participation in cultural life.

Punkt Docelowy (eng: Final Destination) – Staromostowa 1 st., Kraków

Second Official MANIAC Bar in heart of Old Podgórze District:) Also strictly for % lovers and place for welcome party:)